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Flowcrete Americas AIA CES Lunch & Learn Seminar Program offers architects, engineers and Design-Build firms the opportunity to learn, explore and discuss specific challenges, innovations and best practice guidelines relating to the specification of polymer floor, wall, ceiling and other specialist coating technologies on both new-build and renovation construction projects.

Flowcrete Americas is happy to provide one hour, on-site, training seminars delivered by our national team of technical representatives as well as lunch for up to 60 delegates, with each course offering AIA members 1 LU to contribute to annual credits.

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Flowcrete Americas is pleased to offer the following seminars within our AIA CES Seminar portfolio:

FLOW001_2015 | Exploring the Cost of Floor Failure in the Design of Food & Beverage Processing Plants

This AIA CES Training Seminar will explore the true cost associated with the improper, incorrect or unsatisfactory specification of flooring materials within the design of food & beverage production, processing or packaging plants.

The seminar will address the most common reasons for floor failure, draw on real-life scenarios where a failing floor has resulted in financial and reputation damage as well as outline key factors to consider in order to minimize these risks.

The seminar will aim to identify flooring solutions that offer food & beverage manufacturing clients long-term durability and wear resistance as well as promote hygiene and safety underfoot in conjunction with a HACCP based food safety program.

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FLOW002_2015 | How To Avoid Industrial Floor Failure

This AIA CES Training Seminar will explore the reasons as to why 50% of industrial floor coatings and finishes do not perform to the client’s original expectations within a two year time-frame when installed in manufacturing, processing or warehousing facilities.

This seminar will explore the specification process as well as the most common results of floor failure including de-lamination, blistering and cracking, all of which typically result from errors made at specification stage.

This seminar will aim to identify suitable flooring materials to match the service criteria found in a wide range of industrial manufacturing environments as well as to consult on correct substrate preparation and application procedures in order to minimize the risk of failure.

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FLOW003_2016 | Selecting CGMP Compliant Flooring Solutions that Meet the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities

This AIA CES Training Seminar will address FDA & CGMP regulations as well as HACCP recommendations surrounding the specification of floor, wall and coving materials within the safe and sanitary construction or on-going maintenance of pharmaceutical and medical research facilities. 

The seminar will follow a specification framework that addresses the functional needs of the flooring materials required as well as assess existing substrate conditions alongside scheduling and budgetary issues. 

The seminar will aim to identify flooring solutions for the different process areas found within pharmaceutical facilities as well as address any specialist requirements within those areas including chemical and corrosion resistance, fast turnaround options or antistatic grades as well as suitable wall, ceiling and coving solutions. 

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