STAR Contractor Program

Flowcrete Americas' Specialist Training in the Application of Resin (STAR) program has been designed to ensure its contractor network continues to offer clients the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship.

The brand new contractor training program demonstrates the latest installation techniques and provides resin flooring hints and tips from experienced trainers.

As part of the STAR program, Flowcrete Americas will provide in-house training at the contractor’s premises, led by a qualified trainer. This includes all the resin materials and educational resources required for training purposes at no extra cost.

There are numerous benefits to undertaking the program, starting with access to an in-house training seminar that combine expert led practical demonstrations with in-depth classroom-based learning.

Participants will enhance their understanding of Flowcrete Americas’ flooring systems, characteristics and workability and receive practical guidance on how to avoid the most common errors.

Following the successful completion of training, Flowcrete Americas will honor discounted rates on all materials to STAR-rated contractors, and will have access to a network of post-training support, advice and expert troubleshooting.

STAR-rated contractors will also have the exclusive use of the Flowcrete Americas’ STAR Contractor logo on work apparel, literature and stationery as well as project tenders and bids, giving them the leverage of the globally recognized Flowcrete brand when securing new business opportunities.

Throughout the STAR contractor course a wide spectrum of topics are covered, including: cementitious urethanemethyl methacrylate (MMA) and other specialty resin chemistries, typical floor installation construction details, floor installation project management and installation proficiency testing & certification.

Once contractors have achieved a STAR quality rating they will automatically be eligible for free participation in any refresher or new technology training seminars held at Flowcrete Americas headquarters in Spring, TX.

For more information download our informative STAR Contractor Program Flyer.

Download Flowcrete Americas' STAR Contractor Program Promotional Flyer


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