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Transforming Airport Environments…

Airports are multi-functional environments with very different floor needs. As micro-cities, they need to ensure a pleasant experience for the diverse traffic they receive daily, an experience that starts and ends at ground level.

Flowcrete Americas has designed a number of flooring solutions to meet the specialized needs of demanding airport environments, minimizing their environmental impact on the ground.

Flowcrete Americas has the right flooring solution for all areas contained within the airport environment:

Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars are built to protect state-of-the art aviation vehicles, a key reason why Flowcrete Americas manufactures industrial floor coatings that offer the necessary chemical, impact, wear and fire resistance requirements for small and large-scale hangar facilities.

Our flooring materials are commonly used in these areas, where the joint-free finish of Americas' systems delivers a surface that is easy to clean and maintain, saving time and money.

Flowcrete Americas recommends:
Flowcoat SF41  |  Flowshield SL  |  Flowcoat SF41 HCS  |  Flowcoat CR

Catering & Kitchens

Catering companies and restaurant kitchens are responsible for producing hundreds of fresh meals every day. With time being of the essence, these areas require hygienic flooring solutions that act as a line of defense against dirt and bacteria.

For these working environments, Flowcrete has developed Flowfresh, a flooring system that incorporates a natural silver-ion based antimicrobial agent, Polygiene®, which destroys any bacteria, including E-coli and Salmonella, that settles on the surface of the floor.

Flowcrete Americas recommends:
Flowfresh HF  |  Flowfresh MF  |  Flowfresh SR  |  Flowfresh SRQ

Maintenance Areas

Maintenance areas play a big role in keeping any environment moving. Our floor coating systems are fully resistant to the penetration of oils and hydraulic fluid in addition to a number of other lubricants and detergents; these are materials commonly used in aircraft maintenance facilities.

Floor coatings such as Flowfast Quartz or Peran STB can meet a host of performance criteria including high mechanical, chemical and impact resistance as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

Flowcrete Americas recommends:
Flowseal EPW  |  Flowcoat SF41 HCS | Flowshield SL

Passenger Terminals

From flight check-in through baggage reclaim, passenger terminals require hard-wearing floors, topped off with eye-catching floor finishes to withstand heavy volumes of foot and wheeled traffic while creating a welcoming and vibrant environment for passengers.

Decorative epoxy resin floor finishes from Flowcrete Americas are not only visually stunning but also low maintenance, hygienic and offer excellent durability. Combined with self-smoothing or fast-drying screed systems, this provides the perfect build-up for the terminal floor.

Flowcrete Americas recommends:
Flowfast Flake  |  Mondéco Crystal  |  Flowfresh Ultra Flakes  |  Peran STB  |  Flowseal Ultra Flakes

If you have a renovation job or new-build project in the airport sector, contact Flowcrete Americas today. Our team of flooring experts will be happy to help you.