Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 2017

  • Wine cellars require floors able to withstand impacts, chemicals and traffic. Find out how to create surfaces that will optimize the floor area on booth 1237 of UW&GS 2017.
  • Flowcrete Americas has an extensive amount of F&B industry experience, which includes a recent project at the Painted Rock Estate Winery.
  • UW&GS is the largest wine & grape industry trade show in North America and it provides attendees with the ideal opportunity to find out more about key industry issues.

From the Fermentation Room to the Tasting Lounge, Flowcrete has Flooring Covered at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 2017

Nov 28 2016

  • At 2017’s UW&GS, Flowcrete Americas will be explaining how to optimize the floor area throughout a winery facility.
  • At booth 1237, attendees can learn about the various polymer flooring solutions available to them and the benefits that they provide.
  • Flowcrete Americas has an extensive amount of F&B industry experience, which includes a recent project at the Painted Rock Estate Winery.

The wine industry is set to meet next month at the 2017 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (UW&GS), which is taking place at the Sacramento Convention Center on January 24 - 26.

Flowcrete Americas will be in attendance at booth 1237 to discuss the latest flooring trends and technologies for winery operators, educating them on how to ensure that the floor underfoot maintains a hygienic, effective and regulatory compliant finish in the face of the many challenges inherent to the food and beverage sector.

The largest wine & grape industry trade show in North America, UW&GS provides attendees with the ideal opportunity to find out more about key issues such as sustainability, new fermentation techniques, grapevine care and more.

Flowcrete Americas has an extensive amount of experience manufacturing specialist polymer surfaces, including antimicrobial enhanced cementitious urethane solutions, for winery facilities. This in-depth facility design knowledge is especially important, as food & beverage regulations are increasingly demanding ever stricter commitments to high standards of cleanliness and functionality.

Specialist polymer surfaces are becoming a popular flooring choice among wineries thanks to the resistant and customizable nature of these solutions that allows for the application of finishes tailored to the different demands found across a winery complex.

For example, fermentation areas will require a thick, hardwearing cementitious urethane coating that won’t deteriorate when exposed to the chemicals, heat and heavy equipment that are part-and-parcel of operations in these parts of the site. The barrel room will likewise require a strong surface to cope with the movement of bulky barrels and forklift trucks as well as point loading from heavily laden storage shelves.

The Flowfresh line of antimicrobial enhanced, cementitious urethane systems meets all of the above criteria thanks to its excellent chemical, thermal and slip resistance properties. Flowcrete has engineered the Flowfresh range to meet the harsh production and processing conditions of the U.S. food and beverage industry, and it has even been HACCP International certified thanks to its food safety properties.

The seamless and impervious nature of polymer floors is also a distinct hygiene advantage, as it means that the on-site cleaning regime can quickly and easily wash unwanted contaminants out of the area.

In contrast to the production and storage areas, tasting lounges require flooring designed to create an engaging and pleasant environment for customers to sample the produce, relax and enjoy themselves. This was the case at the Painted Rock Estate Winery in Okanagan Valley, which chose a stunning all-white polymer floor for its new tasting room.

Situated in Penticton (BC, Canada) Painted Rock needed a floor that would tie into its interior design scheme and help to craft a breath-taking wine tasting experience at its hilltop site. To achieve this, 2,000 sq. ft. of Flowcrete Americas’ fast-cure, methyl methacrylate quartz flooring system, Flowfast Quartz, was installed in external areas to create a terraced patio that extends from the tasting lounge. 1,500 sq. ft. of a complementary, white Peran STB epoxy quartz system was also used in the internal public-facing rooms.

To learn more about the polymer flooring solutions available to the winery industry, head to Flowcrete Americas booth (1237) at the 2017 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

If you can’t wait for the show, download Flowcrete Americas’ whitepaper on How to Improve a Wine Cellar’s Hygiene Levels with Polymer Floor Solutions.


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