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Hygiene Top of the Bill for Unilever’s Green Site in SA

Flowcrete has secured a major coup at Unilever's new manufacturing plant in Durban, South Africa, with the installation of a number of the company's seamless epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring systems.

The new plant, affectionately named 'Indonsa', meaning 'Morning Star' in isiZulu, is home to world famous dry food brands including Knorr, Robertson's, Knorrox, Aromat and Rajah and has been designed under a 'Green' construction programme that has considered sustainability at every stage of the development - including the floor space - by architects Elphick Proome and Main Contractors Stefanutti Stock.

Aside from the above-mentioned environmental requirements, it was crucial that the flooring systems chosen in the final specification could meet Unilever's rigorous hygiene requirements while at the same time offer speedy installation times so as to allow follow-on trades' early access to the site. On top of this, all flooring materials specified had to be suitable for application onto a suspended slab built on compacted clay as well as onto 'green' concrete.

After a thorough consultation with Flowcrete South Africa's Technical Team, a number of resin systems were chosen to provide a floor finish across different zones of the 22,000m2 manufacturing plant.

Firstly, Flowcrete's Flowcem DPM was applied over the concrete slabs at 2mm to provide a smooth damp-proof membrane layer that would control moisture levels within the substrate over time without causing damage or defects to the final floor finish.

Flowcem DPM was the key to solving a number of issues and potential problems related to rising damp with 'green' screeds, the fast track program and the high moisture levels in the newly laid concrete.

Following the application of the damp-proof layer, 20,000m2 of Flowcrete's self-levelling, solvent-free epoxy floor coating system, Flowshield SL, was installed in all general warehousing and manufacturing areas as well as in all staff locker and changing facilities.

Flowshield SL is a popular flooring choice, particularly within the food and beverage industry, where it provides an attractive, resilient and robust surface with a smooth impervious finish. Its seamless properties also prevent the build-up of dirt, dust and bacteria in cracks, crevices and joints, making the floor easy to clean and sterilise - a crucial factor in the hygiene industries.

A number of other systems from Flowcrete were specified for more specialist areas of the site, including 500m2 of Flowcrete's antistatic resin coating, Flowshield ESD SL, which was applied in the raw materials area to provide a safe, static-free and chemical resistant finish.

Flowcrete's hardwearing, hygienic polyurethane coating, Flowfresh HF, was nominated for use in kitchen and shower areas. Popular for being able to destroy 99.9% of all surface bacteria thanks to the inclusion of the antimicrobial additive, Polygiene, with the resin matrix, Flowfresh HF is able to provide a non-slip, germ-free and highly durable floor finish.

For the staff canteen, Flowcrete's decorative quartz flooring system, Peran STB was chosen to create a vibrant and welcoming platform underfoot, whereas for the site's external loading bay, Flowcrete's waterproof deck coating system, Deckshield ED was selected for its ability to withstand heavy traffic and impact.

Although currently only in start-up phase, the new Indonsa facility has the ability to become Unilever's largest savoury and dry-food plant globally when it reaches full production capacity in the first quarter of next year.

The Indonsa plant also serves as great showcase for Flowcrete's flooring materials, highlighting how a number of different flooring systems from just one manufacturer can be used to meet the different service requirements that are often found under one roof.


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Notes to Editors

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