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The long downtime periods and snail’s pace construction schedules caused by waiting for a floor to fully cure can be consigned to the past thanks to the Flowfast range of methyl methacrylate (MMA) enhanced floors.

This technology means that floors can be fully operational just 60 minutes after application, delivering unrivalled installation and cure times.

A fast flooring project doesn’t automatically equate to a boring, poor performing finish - in fact Flowfast is available in a creative mix of colors and stylish effects, with the capability to create custom patterns and shades for a totally personalized finish.

The robust nature of Flowfast provides excellent chemical, wear and slip resistance, while its seamless, impervious characteristics make it a hygienic and easy to clean material. These features are well suited to a long list of industrial environments, such as the food processing, mechanical, chemical and electronic goods industries.

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Recommended Systems

Here are just some of the systems that Flowcrete Americas recommends when fast cure installation is a key flooring requirement.

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