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  • Antistatic Flooring
  • Antistatic Flooring
  • Antistatic Flooring
  • Antistatic Flooring

Making the correct choice of floor system, when establishing an electrostatic protected area (EPA), is essential to ensure that sensitive electronic components and assemblies are adequately protected from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Flowcrete Americas’ Antistatic Flooring range has been designed to safely ground or dissipate the build-up of electrostatic charge in sensitive environments.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) refers to the rapid, spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge induced by a high electrostatic field. Charge can build-up while simply walking across the floor of a processing environment. Without flooring materials equipped with adequate protection, this charge can cause irreversible damage to sensitive components.

When used in conjunction with suitable footwear, the Antistatic Flooring range will safely dissipate charge to ground faster than it accumulates, in accordance with ESD Association guidelines. The range also demonstrates consistent ground readings throughout the life of the floor coating system and exhibits very low body voltage generation.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Americas' range of Antistatic Flooring…

Technical Data

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