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New Modern, Sustainable Offices for Flowcrete

  • Product: Isocrete Heavy Duty K-Screed, Isocrete Self Level Renovation, Flowfast Terrosso, Rustik Glamourstone, Peran STB, Peran Comfort, Flowcoat SF41, Mondéco Exotic, Flowfast Kristalina, Isowarm & Naturewalk
  • Market Sector: Offices
  • Location: UK
  • Client: Flowcrete UK

As part of a major plan to redevelop the Flowcrete site in Sandbach, phase one commenced in June 2009 on the new modern, energy efficient and sustainable offices.

The beautiful design not only has a minimal carbon footprint, but is a fantastic showcase of Flowcrete's Floorzone portfolio incorporating Isowarm Underfloor Heating, Isocrete Screeds and an array of colourful floor finishes.

The flowing curves of the flooring design following the principles of Feng Shui include Naturewalk external gravel in the Courtyard, and various bright and stunning finishes of Mondéco, Flowfast Terrosso, Rustik, Peran and Kristalina throughout the entire building.

This exciting development demonstrates Flowcrete's commitment to embrace corporate social responsibility towards people, the local community and the environment by providing a bright and airy work place with minimum carbon footprint and allowing it's customers the opportunity to visit and see the wide range of product combinations in situ.